Yellowstone Supervolcano: End of the World?!

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Yes, the title is correct.

There`s a supervolcano lurking beneath the ground just waiting to erupt all over our country!

Yes, there apparently exists an underground volcano whose past eruptions -- the last one estimated at some 640,000 years ago -- have been, according to National Geographic, "a thousand times more powerful than Mount St. Helens`s 1980 eruption."

It sits a few miles beneath the surface and is approximately the size of Los Angeles.

The best part is, said volcano has been taking deep "breaths" since 2004, causing the ground to raise as much as 2.8" per year!

Scientists says it will eventually blow, and when it does, it could spew ash as high as 25 miles into the air. That could render an estimated 2/3 of our country uninhabitable.

A quote from the National Geographic article:
"The future is anybodys guess."

So, does this terrify anyone else?
Personally, I`m scared of the end of the world.
I just think that if 2012 really is the end, I definitely didn`t live my life to the fullest.

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