Yaz`s Nails of the Day 45

5 years ago

Im going to Los Angeles this weekend and can finally have a nail look on for more then one day! Woohoo!!!

I knew it was the perfect time to bust out my Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips.

I think nail strips are so cool...if you get the right ones.

I`ve used the brand Incoco and was very pleased with those. They are pretty awesome and stay on your nails for quite some time. Then I used another cheapy brand, which was horrible. I`ve never used the Sally Hansen ones so I`m really hoping they are worth the price.

I got these at CVS with a 25% off coupon so I only paid $7.50 for them.

These were in a limited display and I got the print Sweet Marble Floret. It`s a marble print in silver, purple, blue, and a tiny bit of green. There were other prints to choose from, but I liked that these looked a little more nailpolishish.

So far so good. You can already tell that these are good quality, they were also very easy to apply. They come in two smaller packs with 8 strips in each, they offer the 3 extra to make sure there is the perfect one for you. They also have a little give to them, so you can stretch them a bit to fit better. I`m actually able to cover all 10 fingers with the 8 strips, so I`m able to save the other pack for another use and I don`t have to worry about them drying.

Have you tried these strips before? What do you think of them?

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