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5 years ago

I was finally able to take my computer into the Apple store to get it fixed. Woohoo! As it was getting fixed I walked around the mall a bit and of course hit up a few beauty spots.

I asked here on Luuux what matte top coat you all recommend and Lyndsay suggested Essie`s matte about you. I searched everywhere for that thing! Couldn`t find it. I kind of had given up already and decided i would just order it online. Until...I went to Trade Secrets (I think that`s what it`s called) and found it. Finally! What was even better was that it rang up at $1!!!! I thought the cashier was going to change the price, but she didn`t. She just said "it looks like its only going to be $1 for you today" woot score!

After that nice little surprise I went to kill some more time at Macy`s. My friend was working at the MAC counter so we were chatting it up. It was pretty slow so she asked if she can do my makeup. I, of course, let her. I wasn`t planning on buying anything (which I have to say, I did good and only got one thing) but you know how that goes. You can`t not buy anything.

Welllll as you can see I got the 130 brush. It is my first ever full size MAC brush. I`ve bought the Christmas sets before, but never a single full size brush. We all know how expensive their brushes can be.

She used this on my face to apply foundation and omg I loved it. I had a $35 gift card and thought it was time to finally get myself a MAC brush!

That`s my haul for this weekend. I am glad to say my computer is finally up and running. Yay...more luuuxing!! Woot!

What was your first MAC brush?
Or which one have you been eyeing to purchase?

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