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5 years ago

I seriously can not believe this month is over! I know we all say it and think it, but geez time sure does go by quick! My sister will be coming to visit tomorrow and will be here for TWO WEEKS! Yay! Two whole weeks with my sister! She`s not a beauty junkie, but she`s a good sport and joins me on my makeup adventures. I was going to wait until the 31st to do this post, but with my sister coming to town, I know I wont be posting on Luuux as much as I would like. Here is my January Favorites!
---> Revlon Matte Blush, Blushing Berry - I got this at the CVS beauty clearance haul and I`m so glad I did. The color comes off a little light on my skin, but its perfect because it looks like I don`t have blush on my skin, it looks like I was born with nice color on my cheeks haha.
---> MAC Mineralize Blush, Early Morning - This is part of MACs new naturally collection and has been my go to blush. This one is a matte blush also.
---> theBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow, Luscious Lani - Its a really pretty champagne color. I have been using it over my morning frost paint pot as a I`m late and need to hurry look.
---> MAC Paint Pot, Morning Frost - This was part of the Holiday collection and has been my favorite paint pot in the collection. I always turn to paint pots when I`m in a hurry.
---> Sugar Lip Treatment - I got this as the birthday freebie Sephora gives you. This stuff is AMAZING! I love it so much, I use it every single day a few times a day. They are really expensive so I will be extremely sad when its all gone. I can`t justify paying $20+ for a lip balm.
---> Revlon Lip Butter, Pink Truffle & Sugar Plum - This has been a must have. I bought these at Walgreens and threw them in my handbag because I told the guy I didn`t need a bag since it was two small items. Well...they have stayed there and I use them very often. Every time I wear Sugar Plum to work, I get at least 2 compliments on my lipstick. Sometimes they even tell me the next day (if im not wearing it) Aww no lipstick today? Its such a pretty color haha I guess the color goes really well with my skin tone that it makes people notice.
---> MAC Satin Lipstick, Cherish - I finally have a nude lipstick that I LOVE! I`ve been a little obsessed.
---> MAC Cremesheen Glass, Over Indulgence - This was part of the Christmas collection and it came in a snowglobe with three other colors. This on top of Cherish lipstick is gorgeous! I start off in the morning with this combo, then after lunch or when it wears off, I bust out one of the lip butters and use that.
--->Zoya Remove+ - I recently ordered this through birchbox and I see why people rave about this stuff. Its awesome! It makes removal of polish so easy. I don`t want to run out because its expensive so I think Im going to start using it as a nail prep so it can last me a little bit longer haha.
---> Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I have found that I prefer this stuff over UDPP. It keeps my eyeshadow on for a lot longer the UDPP. This is my mini one /member/pang-ly sent me, I have a full size one that I normally use, but I can`t find it. So I`ve been using this one, which I don`t want to because I wanted to use it for travel. Ahh, my hunt continues.
---> OPI Nicki Minaj, Save Me - When I first got this I wanted to wear it all the time...and I did lol.
---> Marc Jacobs, Daisy - Another item I received from /member/pang-ly giveaway. I absolutely love this scent. I never bought it because I`m somewhat allergic to scents. I can tolerate them, but only if they aren`t strong. Boy oh boy there are times when people go into my work with STRONG perfume scents and I instantly start sneezing, my throat closes up, I feel like I can`t breath. Its weird. Kind of scary. I haven`t triggered what kind of scents or what it is that makes me like that. Daisy sure as heck doesn`t do that to me! I hope you all had a great weekend. Gotta go grocery shopping now because my grandma likes to please my sister (she`s the baby between us) and wants to get certain things to cook up her favorite food. Ah grandmas....gotta love them!
Did you post a January Favorites? Let me know so I can go check it out. *Photo and content are my own. Please do not use* mac

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