Yaz`s Delicious Lunch

5 years ago

My lunch of the day was DELICIOUS!!!!

The weather was nice and warm today...actually it was quite perfect. It was in the mid 70`s...winter? What? Not here!

Haha. Anyway, with the weather being warm I craved some tostadas de ceviche de camaron....so I went and bought some! We have this little restaurant in town called La Costa and they make the best ceviche. I know its not just me that thinks that either because every time someone mentions ceviche, they mention that restaurant.

The ceviche I had has shrimp, onions, tomato, cucumber, and lime. It is a very simple dish, but super yummy. Its very refreshing. I can eat a whole bowl of this if I dont limit myself.

I`ve never made it myself, but I have seen my family prepare it. They cut up all the ingredients (except the limes) into small pieces. They squeeze a ton of lime into a bowl and then throw the uncooked shrimp in it and then all the chopped up ingredients. You can`t eat it right away because the acidity of the lime has to work its magic and cook the shrimp.

I ordered my tostadas to go and omg they hook it up! I ordered two and I got a 16oz cup full of ceviche! They also put in 4 tostadas. I pretty much got 4 out of the 2 that I ordered. They also give you extra lime (I had already used some thats why there is only one in the picture) ketchup (that I dont use, yuck) and Tapatio. I love Tapatio on my tostadas! Very yummy and satisfying lunch.

<em>What did you have for lunch today?
Have you had ceviche de camaron?</em>

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