Yaya Tea Garden Riceballs =)

4 years ago

I am a huge fan of riceballs, because they taste so good and it`s so addicting. They are quite filling though because of all the rice packed together, it can be a small snack or even a meal if you eat more than two. They cost $2.50 for the regular size one and $3.50 for a large one. I never tried a large one before and it looks huge but I will definitely try it out sometime when I go back to this place.

In my first photo there is a Shrimp Tempura and Japanese Riceball but the one I ate is the Japanese one. It is my favorite riceball out of the bunch and I can eat so much of it. In the <strong>Japanese Riceball</strong> there is seaweed, crabmeat and egg. The combination is just so mouthwatering. Typing this up already makes me want to go get one. If only it was closer to my house.

So SMak, if you want to try a yummy fresh riceball, go there and buy some and also deliver some to my house too! =)

Here is the address if you live in NY and you want to try some. They are freshly made which is way better than Mitsuwa`s riceballs.
51 Chrystie Street
New York, NY, US 10002

<em>Have you ever had a riceball before? Is it something you want to try? What have you ate today?</em>

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