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4 years ago

I actually never had yakisoba before until yesterday =P

I always wanted to try yakisoba, especially after watching this anime called Yakitate Japan. It`s about a baker who was trying to make Japan`s signature bread. The funny bits are not of the bread, its of the reactions from eating the bread. One episode was about Yakisoba bread, which is yakisoba between two buns.

Anyways, that aside, my friend ordered this chicken yakisoba. I was told that yakisoba usually uses somen noodles and not soba but at my friend`s restaurant, they used real soba, which gave the dish a really earthy taste. I actually love soba in soup because the soba holds its texture well and does not get soggy. When it was fried, the soba was still very moist, unlike regular fried noodles. It was also very slippery but I like it that way =) I didn`t like the chicken though, I thought it didn`t go very well with the yakisoba, but if I were to order it, I would get a minced meat yakisoba so it holds the flavor more than sliced chicken breast.

They fried the yakisoba with the chicken in a sweet soy sauce mix and added seaweed and bonito flakes to it =) It was a very nice mix and definitely a good surprise for me.

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