Yahoo Passwords Exposed!!

4 years ago

I usually don`t post stuff on this, but I wanted you guys to know this since it kinda scared me and I am still trying to fix it. Apparently, a few days ago, yahoo was hacked into and more than 450,000 emails and passwords were exposed onto a website!

I have 2 e-mails and my mom and sister each have 1. I realized something was up when we were all logging in to our yahoo`s and they all told us to verify our accounts and to change our passwords.
I did all that and we are all allowed to get into our accounts except my mom. It kinda sucks because we made this e-mail a long time ago and we have quite a bit of important e-mails (including old credit card info.) there. I`m trying to get it fixed now and I have sent a ticket to Yahoo, but I bet they are probably really busy which sucks.. I`m just crossing my fingers that things will be ok!

I found a site that lets you check if your email was on the list-

Just type your e-mail in and it`ll tell you. This def. serves as a huge lesson to me not to put anything bad online because everyone could see it.... and to change my password for things more often. (I absolutely hate doing this since I have no memory..)

Was your email on the list?
Does it scare you how easily things like this could happen?

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