Yagööt Frozen Yogurt

4 years ago

On Sunday there was a family get together. After we left myself, my husband, our son, and my mother in law and her significant other went out to grab some evening food and then get frozen yogurt. I love frozen yogurt but I wasn`t sure how my son would take to it. He tasted a bit of mine and spit it out all over the place.... apparently he is not keen on frozen yogurt, lol!

I will flip flop what I get on mine. Sometimes I prefer sweeter toppings to balance the zing of the yogurt. This day, however, I wanted to go simply with fruits. I chose to get a small coconut flavored yogurt with chopped strawberries and kiwi. Mmmm! It was delicious!! I kind of wished I had gotten granola or chopped nuts on it too, but...ah well.

We went to one of the more common yogurt shops in our area called Yagööt. The yogurt is good but I wish the service had been a bit better. The guy behind the counter was quite moody. I kid you not when I say he just glared at me the whole time. He did not open his mouth to say a single word until it was time to give the total...and he just gave the amount. No other words the whole time. :-

How do you like your froyo prepared? What are your favorite toppings?


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