Yade`s favorite perfumes.

5 years ago

When i was about 7 - 8 years old, i had this huge perfume addiction. Everytime me and my mom would walk in the city and i saw the famous perfumestore, i would go in and ask my mom to buy my yet another perfume. Offcourse she didn`t do this all the time, and i would be so angry at her for not buying me one, lol! The perfumes i owned them were $10 each, so that wasn`t too bad. But i would see the famous chanel perfumes and after smelling them i wanted them. Offcourse my mom told me they were too expensive for an 8 year old, but i wanted them.
Now after 12 years, i finally own chanel. I`ve bought my first chanel when i was 15 and i never stopped using it. Offcourse it`s not my everyday perfume, but for special occasions, going out etc this is my standard perfume.
As you can see i own coco chanel. The right perfume is actually a dupe for chanel °5. when i was at the black market a man approached with this unknown perfume, asking what i thought about it. I just told him: you just sprayed chanel °5 on it and now you`re trying to tell me it`s that one.. but when he sprayed it on my wrist.. it was the same! The smell doesn`t lasts as long, but that`s fine for me. This one stays for atleast 4 houres with one spray.. the dupe is around $12 and the real one over $100..

These are my all time favorite perfumes. What`s yours?

~ pictures are mine, please do not take.

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