Yacht Controlled via iPad

The new yacht called "The Adastra" belongs to a billionaire named Anto Marden. It took his yacht five years to build in China and £15-million spent. I am assuming he chose China to build his yacht because the labor is probably cheaper. The cool concept about the yacht (which I also think is not safe but at least the yacht doesn`t purely rely on the iPad) is that you can remotely control this 52 ton yacht via iPad but only within 50 metres.

Specs of the Yacht:
The yacht can travel 4,000 miles without refueling gas! I wish a car can do that perhaps AIR GAS, lol
There is room for 9 passengers and 5-6 crew members

<strong>Would you trust technology like an iPad controlling something like a Yacht?</strong> [We live in a world that technology is relied heavenly] I`d actually be scared because technology could have errors. I know when I had an iPad2, sometimes I would play games and then all of a sudden it exits my game and goes to the main screen. What if you`re in the middle of controlling the yacht and it malfunctions? Or freezes like my iPhone? Luckily this yacht isn`t purely relied on the iPad.

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2128342/Yachting-enters-space-age--15m-superyacht-years-making-launches-china-signalling

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