Xiang Piao Piao milk tea

2 years ago

Hey guys!
I bought this milk tea drink from the Asian supermarket and I thought I`d share it with you. I`ve wanted to try Bubbletea for a while and have been
looking around for it, but I can`t find it in my city, so when I saw this I thought it was worth a try.
My friend told me the name means something along the lines of `nice smell`...I`m not 100% sure if that is correct though.
The packaging was definitely what captured my attention, how cute is it?! The price was under £3, but I`m not sure of the exact price since I got it a while ago. As you can see from the second picture, the ingredients come in individual packets and the instructions are on the back, but since they are in chinese, I couldn`t understand. Fortunately, I found the instructions online and they were pretty straight forward. You can drink it either hot or cold.
Instructions are as follows:
1.) Add the powder (white packet) into the paper cup then add the tub of Nata de coco.. wait, what?
(Yes, you read correctly, the small tub was filled with Nata de coco not tapioca pearls. Perculiar, I know. )

2.) Add boiled water and stir.
So, it`s easy to make, but how did it taste?
Well, personally, I didn`t mind the drink. It just tasted like strawberry as the packaging implies. I did find the use of nata de coco in a hot drink strange though, but I did save some and refrigerate it to try it cold and it wasn`t too bad that way either. I don`t think I`d bother purchasing the drink again because it really wasn`t anything special, the price was too expensive and I wouldn`t class it as bubble tea because of the absence of the bubbles XD
Overall, I`d give the product a 2/5

Happy Sunday guys! Thank you for reading :)
- Alannah

*Pictures are my own*

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