Xenosaga Episode II

4 years ago

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Here comes another game review by me! This one is called Xenosaga Episode II. Released back in 2004 and 2005 respectably, Xenosaga Episode II has you taking on the roll of the main protagonist, Captain Shion Uzuki, as she and her crew/group try and figure out the mysterious past and powers of their companion, a robot girl named MOMO.

The game play`s controls are rather simple actually. Since the game is a turn-base-strategy game, most of the time battling it to pick and choose which character to use and which of their attacks to use. The times spent outside the battles you spend wondering around many different vast areas, including the super metropolis Second Miltia, and several space craft and space ports, and other dangerous planets. Graphics for the game, while they looks good, are somewhat averagely animated. While the models of the characters are very well detailed their animations are rather poor. Both in exploring around and especially in battle. Despite this drawback the worlds they visit are extremely well detailed. Cut-scenes are very well animated as well and they nearly make up for the bad animation for battles. Sound effects for the game are well chosen. Each character has their own set of attacks, each one with its own unique sounds. The sound effects outside of battle are also very well put together making it feel more like your walking around a future city, or a desolate planet, or a busy spaceport. The soundtrack however in my opinion was not well chosen for the different worlds. A small techno song for the city exploring gets a little annoying actually and I had to turn the music off because of it. Battle songs however are a good match although they could have been a little better. The music in the cut-scenes however are very well done and they do a lot to give the scenes that much more story tell power. The story itself is a good one. Even though I never played the 1st game it was quite easy to catch on to the story so far for the 2nd game. The 1st story revolved around KOS-MOS a battle android who`s power is tremendous and is key to the entire trilogy. However the 2nd game focuses on MOMO, another robot girl who has a mysterious set of programing codes called Y-Data inside her that is said to activate a hidden power deep within the planet of Old Miltia called the Omega system. As Shion Uzuki you and your crew/group must investigate MOMO`s past to discover what this mysterious Y-Data truly is. However all doesn`t go well as MOMO`s programming is stolen by the evil Albedo who wants this power for himself. Shion and her crew/group must rescue MOMO`s subconscious to keep her mind from being destroyed and then go after Albedo to try and stop him from activation the Omega System.

All in all this game is quite entertaining, even through the animation of the battles and stuff aren`t very well done. Over all I do recommend this for someone looking for a long TBS game to play in a futuristic world. It can take you days and day to get through this game. And i recommend not washing windows in this game. It`s just too frustrating a side quest to do.

Source link: http://www.mobygames.com/game/xenosaga-episode-ii-jenseits-von-gut-und-bse/cover-art/gameCoverId,41536/

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