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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers

So recently I just got my Xbox 360 Kinect and I LOVE IT. Its so fun and entertaining and even my mum loves it who never ever plays games so thats a good result. It has many great features as you play it senses you and every movement you make thats the movement it will make so you basically controlling the game. Its also easy to play and really fun and to make it even better your exercising at the same time as your moving so much. Most of the kinect games are sports games but you can play the normal Xbox games too. At the moment I only have two games which are kinect adventures and Zumba. Although I do prefer Kinect Adventures more but they are both great. Another feature that I really liked was it takes picture of you while your playing the game but Im not sure if the is for all the games but that does happen on Kinect Adventures. You can also listen to music and watch movies and play online with other people. The design of the Xbox is really nice but one bad point is that you get quite tired after playing but I guess thats because youre moving so much. The only other downside is that is pricy but is worth the money if youre looking for a great home entertainment system. . Overall I think that the Xbox Kinect is amazing, its super fun and entertaining and can be uses as exercise. So would you buy it?

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