Xbox 360 - Final review

Remember the Xbox 360 that I had the opportunity to experience through a campaign Yeah, the Xbox is gone. But all the family have great fun with it! The kinect sensor is actually a very cool.

<strong>1) Nike + Kinect Training -</strong> This was the "game" that I use most. It`s like a personal trainer with a training program suited to us. I started to insert my data (height, weight and age), I chose what kind of program I wanted (losing weight, toning or strength) and then did an assessment of my fitness. I loved it, because really work our physical! We don`t need the command for this game.

<strong>2) Kinect Sports 2 -</strong> This game is super fun! It was one of the most played. In this game we could play golf, football, darts, skiing, tennis and baseball. And all this without commands! I loved this too!

<strong>3) Kinect Sports -</strong> Another super fun game. It was also one of the most played! In this game we could play football, bowling, athletics, boxing, table tennis and volleyball. It`s super fun and no commands!

<strong>4) Dance Central 2 -</strong> Another one of the most played games! I have no way to dance and neither is the things I like the best, but this game made the dance fun for me! Has steps that were complicated to make (this because I am a really bad dancer), but who knows minimally dancing makes them smooth. No commands too, which makes the game very fun and functional.

<strong>5) Kinectimals now with Bears -</strong> This is a game for kids! It`s really cute and fun. I tried it, because there are no children here at home and the Xbox only been here for 12 days, didn`t have time call for the cousins. I think especially cool, because, being played through the sensor and not need the command, you can interact with your pet. It was a game that I bought if you had the Xbox and sons, no doubt!

<strong>6) Kinect Adventures -</strong> This game is the Kinect sports genre, only this is with so-called extreme sports such as track a "boat" down the river and so on. It`s great fun too. It is also played without commands.

<strong>7) Sega Supertennis -</strong> This is a tennis match, but with all the particularities of the Sonic games! This is played with command, It is very entertaining and funny! Also exists for other consoles, like the Wii!

<strong>8) Disney Cars 2 -</strong> This is also a game for children! Command is required to play. It`s a very fun car game! With all the particularities of the movie Cars 2. I like it too!

<strong>9) Fifa 2012 -</strong> I think this is already known to everybody. It is necessary commands to play and I think that is equal to the other consoles. I dind`t play it, but my boyfriend played and liked it!

<strong>10) Star Wars -</strong> I confess I have not played this game. Who played were my boyfriend and my father. They didn`t realize well how to played it, byt they still played it and had fun with it .. but not understood very well the objectives to be met. lol No need for commands!

<strong>11) Forza Horizon -</strong> The typical car game! Command is required to play. I found funny though who played it was my boyfriend. You have to make several runs, with some tasks in between. I found a really fun game! Ideal For those who enjoy a good game with cars and racing cars.

<strong>12) Halo Reach -</strong> I think that is also a game that most of the people already knows. I didn`t appreciate war games, but my boyfriend like this kind of games and enjoyed this a lot!

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