XBMC Media Center - My Review Of It

5 years ago

I have mentioned XBMC before months ago and i think i did try it at the time but i never really explored it completely.
Now that im looking for a media center software because im thinking about setting up a small one ( if everything goes as i plan, i will then share it with all of you), i thought of XBMC for the software since its free and it seems to be a good one with a lot of developers working stuff for it.

What xmbc does is present all your media in a organized and pretty way, all in one program. Besides that you also have add ons with things like watching youtube (with hd) and download youtube videos, show schedulles,etc.
Once you start the software, you have to indicate where you have your movies, your music and your photos ( each done individually) and even though this seems easy at first, it does require some work and patience because the movies have to be in a seperate folder and the tv shows and other and then every tv show has to have its folder because it can be all together if you want to sort it out by show on the software (you don`t need to do this for each season).
After that, you can install some add ons that will look up for each movie and tv show info and get the cover art for it, which makes the menus all pretty lol

Other very useful thing i found was the integrated function to look up subtitles for each movie from the major subtitles websites and download them automaticly, i thought that was neat.
You have a lot of different skins and tweaks that will make it even better but i haven`t explored much of that part and im still organizing media.

All i can say is that its a great software and worth the download. If you want to have all your media organized and even use the computer as media center, this is the best software for it.

Download it at: http://xbmc.org

<strong>Do you have a media center? Do you use any media center software?</strong>

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Source link: http://xbmc.org/skins/transparency/

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