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5 years ago

In the past year, I`ve struggled with acne on my face. More specifically, on my forehead. I`ve always had at least 3, and at most 6 at a time. And this once time I even had 12 and it was horrible. I`ve used makeup to cover it up, and once a zit goes away, I have an acne scar left behind. I`ve tried everything, and besides the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System, X-Out is the only thing that has worked.

You use it twice a day for 2 minutes a day. I wouldn`t recommend it for dry skin because it has even dried out my oily skin. I just use a good moisturizer and my skin is fine. What makes it so drying is the fact that it has 8.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is SUPER strong. When I first used it, my skin was flaky and it felt like it was burned. But after a few more uses my skin was fine. But keep in mind that my skin is REALLY sensitive.

After a month of using it twice daily, I no longer have acne :) I`m so happy! My skin still gets dried out but that is about it. You can also use this as a spot treatment but I would not recommend it because it burned my skin and left even deeper scars. But for a face wash/acne treatment, I highly recommend it if you struggle with acne like I did. People have even complimented on how much my skin has cleared up, which is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me :`)

Oh, and for the cleansing bar, it really works. I use it on my back and on my arms and it has really cleared it up. It comes as a free gift when you order the X-Out Wash In Treatment.

The Wash In Treatment costs $20 for 2.5 fl oz, and $40 for 7 fl oz. But keep in mind that this is the only product you need and use a moisturizer of your choice.

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