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4 years ago

I couldn`t believe I had to wait a week to find out who advance to the LIVE show. It was supposed to be last weekend, but something about the Baseball game. It took part of the show time and they only showed part of the contestants who got to advance to the next part of the show. I usually don`t watch these type of shows, but this year I`m all over it. HAHA But yeah! They finally revealed all of the 16 winners who gets to perform LIVE on November 1st. I`m upset yet again because I won`t get to watch it. Just because I`ll be in California, but there`s always time to catch up when I head back home. I`m upset because Jillian Jensen didn`t make it, but Cece Frey did. Ugh... Why Demi???!!! I can`t stand CeCe Frey because she`s too much! The 16 winners are....
Groups Mentored by Simon Cowell
- Emblem 3 - they got lucky because one of the guy messed up during his performance at Simon`s house.
- Sister C - I don`t like their singing for some reason. Annoyed just like Britney. LOL
- Lylas - they all came as individuals, but was put into group. They got lucky to get a second chance to come back.
- Lyric 145 - Queen Lyric came by herself and the two guys came together. Simon also put them together into group and I love them! Very unique!
Teens (12 to 16) Mentored by Britney Spears
- Beatrice Miller - I like her. Great singer.
- Diamond White - I like her too! She`s adorable!
- Carly Rose Sonenclar - I LOVE HER! TEAM CARLY! Rooting for her to win! :D
- Arin Ray - he was put into group last time on the show, but came back as a solo singer.
Young Adults (17 to 24) Mentored by Demi Lovato
- Willie Jones - Gotta love Willie. He`s from Louisiana, Shreveport!
- CeCe Frey - Don`t like her at all. She`s too much!
- Paige Thomas - She reminds me of RhiRhi and her daughter is so adorable.
- Jennel Garcia - She`s feisty! Great singer!
Over 25s Mentored by L.A. Reid
- David Correy, 27 - I`m glad he found his birth mom through this. Great singer.
- Jason Brock, 35 - He`s different and I like him too!
- Tate Stevens, 37 - He was wrong for what he did at Bootcamp, but he`s still a good singer. At Bootcamp he picked a song Willie didn`t know so Willie didn`t perform too well, but luckily he sang the same song again! It was freaking awesome!
- Vino Alan, 40 - He may not have the x Factor look, but this dude have an amazing SOUL voice! I like him too! Whew! As you can see I`ve become a fan of this show. LOL Questionnaire: 1. Who`s your favorite singers? 2. Are you sad Jillian Jensen got sent home? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. http://southomer.com/the-x-factor-usa-2012-top-16-finalists-made-it-to-live-shows-spoiler/

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