Wrost Makeup Brushes Ever!

5 years ago

Real Techniques by Sammantha Chapman.
(No idea who she is..lol) anyways, I bought this few weeks back on Ulta`s website and I thought hmmm, foundation brush under $10 and it looks very sleek and professional, so why not try. I opened the box and the handle part felt sleek and somewhat comfy and when I felt the brushes, wow, can I say these brushes seems as if they were made out of steel. I gave them a good wash thinking it was soften it up but nope it didn`t. I even used conditioner on them! It was still really tough.

I just gave it a try and I can honestly say that this foundation brush is the worst brush I EVER tried. I think $3 ELF brushes are much better, maybe ELF`s $1 is better than this one, but honestly not worth it, I think I paid $8.00 and some change. I know I didn`t spend a fortune on these but still it`s my $8.00 I will never see...

I can`t say all Real Technique brushes are horrible becuase I didn`t test them but as far as this particular one, foundation brush, it`s the worst brush I ever bought!

Ok, if you love them no offense...but I hate them... >< *^^*

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