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Nowadays, most students use a PC or laptop to compile their assignments, including essays. With so many guidelines that need to be followed, using software such as Microsoft Word is highly advantageous. Notes, drafts, research and references can all be stored easily in virtual folders, allowing for amendments and additional information to be added at any time. Not only that but tutors will also appreciate marking a well formatted and constructed essay that is presented to them in printed, or on screen format. There are many online retailers that provide discounted https://www.phoenixs.co.uk/student-software/index.aspx . Packages such as the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus can be purchased for £37.89 inc VAT; beneficial for both pupils and tutors alike. Engaging in programmes such as these will give students the opportunity to compile essays with the help of useful tools and applications, offered by the software. This particular package contains an excellent document-formatting tool, and helps you organise and write your documents more efficiently. Essay writing can be improved in 3 ways: Create a detailed plan Without a plan an essay can appear poorly structured and rushed. More often than not, essays require an introduction (outlining the topic), a main body of text (the detailed and factual part) and a conclusion (bringing it all together). Choose a topic carefully Essays require you to discuss not only facts but opinions as well. Without an invested interest in the subject, opinions will appear weak and irrelevant. It is also important to ensure that facts are backed up by references and are checked for credibility. Check final pieces It is surprising the amount of students who do not proof read their work before submitting it for marking. A large amount of marks are lost through errors in grammar, spelling and poorly formatted pieces. Ensure all work is checked and checked again. Important Microsoft Word does offer a facility for spell checks and attempts to correct errors that are found with grammar, however it is not advisable to rely on this and this alone. The programme is unable to identify incorrectly placed words, but will highlight any spelling mistakes. It is always advisable to use these tools before checking the work manually yourself. Writing an essay can be a daunting prospect for any student but with the correct amount of planning and the use of appropriate software, assignments can be greatly improved and managed. Good luck!

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