Wrapp (App Review)!

For those who don`t know, Wrapp is this cool little app that can be used via Facebook and on your Apple/Android products that allows you to gift your friends FREE gift cards to cool online stores and retailers like H&M, Office Max, etc. Also, ever now and then they do little promotions that allow YOU to get yourself your own gift cards instead of having to wait for your friends to gift you a gift card.

At first, I was pretty skeptical about this whole thing. A lot of the websites available aren`t really retailers I would buy from like the Rent A Red Carpet Dress or the MLB Store. The gift cards are often for about $10 or they give you a certain percentage off of your purchase. However, the stores often sell super expensive items so from the start I was very skeptical. HOWEVER, recently I was able to go to H&M and actually use my gift card I got. I was scared it wasn`t going to work but IT DID and I walked out with a completely FREE dress thanks to the $12 gift card I got from my friend! Also, I`ve used the Office Max gift cards successfully and got FREE office supplies!

So all in all, while a lot of the retailers they have aren`t very practically for me to use, the gift cards for H&M and Office Max and their smaller stores are SUPER AWESOME so I`m definitely staying on this app to get these gift cards! I`m hoping they can improve and get more small retailers like this that have affordable goods for poor college students like me, haha. :)

Source link: http://wrapp.com

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