Woven Leather Wedges From Burberry Prorsum - Hit or Miss?

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers! :*
SOO, here`s another post about another pair of shoes... yeah. LOL. Sorry if you guys are sick of all these posts about shoes, but I`ve been into making posts about shoes these days, well, today. LOL. So, I hope you guys don`t mind!
Now, back to the shoes! These Burberry Prorsum Woven Leather Wedges retail for $1495 and are actually pretty cute in my opinion!
When I first saw these shoes I was very iffy about them. I mean they look cute, but they also don`t. But, I came to the conclusion that they are a hit. Instead of just looking at the boots themselves, I thought about all the different outfits these boots would match and would just fancy up a bit. I personally think these shoes would look gorgeous with a pair of dark skinny jeans or jeggings and would also really make a sexy outfit with just a casual t-shirt with shorts on leggings. So in conclusion, like I said before, they are a hit! But I have to say that their price is definitely a miss. I mean, $1495 for a pair of shoes?! Who would possibly pay that much for a pair of shoes? ._. But that`s just my opinion, so heh heh. d:
Anywhooo, thanks so much for reading this post, and be sure to leave a comment down below stating your rate of these shoes of either a hit or a miss! BAI! c:

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