Would You Use This Public Bathroom

4 years ago

HEEEEYY Guys i came across a article today and it was talking about bizarre things, and as i was reading along it pointed something out, it was the picture you see above. Public Bathrooms. now the question i want to ask you is, Would you Use a Public Bathroom like this?? if you look closely you`ll probably see why i say that i would never use a public bathroom like this. because number 1 its way out in the opening for the other public to see, and there is no type of privacy. yes it called a public bathroom, but it shouldnt be that public lol. but i just wouldnt use a public bathroom like this. llol and this is located in Seattle too. i`ll make sure that if i ever go to seattle and i need to use a public rest room, im making sure that it wont be this one lol.

pic not mine: see linked source below

Source link: http://growabrain.typepad.com/growabrain/shopping/

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