Would You Get A Pool For Your Balcony?

5 years ago

Well I know I would.

These balcony pools are apparently in Mumba in the Aquaria Grande. Now I know where they are I can go there and see them. Haha but it might be a little expensive just to go there and see these pools.

I would love to get a pool like this one day. But there`s problems with this. If I were to get an apparent that`s a couple of stories up I wont be allowed to build one. And i`m pretty sure it would be impossible to find a place with one... Or I could find a really good and expensive house with a cliff like edge and build, if they don`t have one yet, a pool on the edge.

I love these pools. And I would realllllllllllllly want a infinity pool for myself. It may be scary at first, thinking you would fall off the end but you would get use to it. Plus they are much more exciting than a regular pool. Am I right or am I right? XD.


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