Would you ever wear these outfits?

5 years ago

These outfits are made from Gianni Molaro and were shown off at the fashion show yesterday in Paris. I haven`t personally heard of this designer, but his clothes and designs are certainly interesting, if not just plain out weird and a bit creepy. .

What do you think of these outfits?

I think they are crazy if they think a normal person would wear these outfits out in public!! I mean I guess they look good on a model on the runway (sort-of) but If I ever saw someone on the streets wearing this, I might turn and run in the opposite direction because that is just scary. The clothes look like something out of a musical of The Little Mermaid or something. I don`t understand these designers sometimes. I think that they should create clothes that normal people would wear. That way, they could make some more money off their clothes lol. I know some celebes. would wear stuff like this such as lady Gaga, but that is only 1 person.
I would never wear a giant heart behind me as a outfit to school lol, I would be laughed at! Sometimes I don`t know what these designers are thinking!

Do you agree with me?
Would you ever wear these clothes?
If so, where?

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2093862/Alta-Roma-Gianni-Molaro-Designer-unveils-bizarre-boob-gown-Rome-fashion-week.h

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