Would you Buy a Christian Louboutin Knock Off?

5 years ago

In http://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-counterfeit-goods.html there`s an interesting article on the TOP counterfeit goods in the United States. Among them are shoes. Luuux members have probably seen the pro spammers hawking their site that offers dirt cheap Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choos, Uggs and more. Do not support those sites! Some stats: Value of counterfeits seized: $25.3 million Retail value: $97 million Percentage of total seizures: 14% Only electronics have a higher % of total seizures. Good fakes go way beyond the painted red sole that those Louboutins are known for, however. A clever counterfeit includes a replica shoebox, dust bag and even minor packaging details like the tiny moisture-absorbing micro-tech insert, said Randazzo. She recommends steering clear of sales at flea markets or street vendors. But with shoes, the best way to spot a fake may just be the old Cinderella method, when you put them on, you`ll know, Randazzo said. I commute through Chinatown several times a week. Which is NOTORIOUS for hawkers of fake handbags. They take you into dark alleys or down basements never to be seen again. o_O Talk the TALK 1) Have you bought a counterfeit item like a bag or a shoe? 2) Where`s your favorite place to shop for fashion items? (I like Banana Republic!) fashion

Source link: http://sflchronicle.com/news/style-reviews/2011/08/christian-louboutin-cant-stop-red-bottom-knock-offs/

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