Worth Winning (1989)

Last night, I watched <strong>Worth Winning</strong> and it`s an old movie back in 1989 but I thought it`s worth a shot to watch cause I have nothing else to watch on Netflix and will be canceling in a few days. This movie is geared toward comedy and a bit of romance (but romance in the wrong ways sorta, lol).

The movie is about a guy named Taylor who has no problems with getting girls. He`s the center of attention, all the ladies are heads over heels on him. His friends being jealous challenged him to a bet. The bet is to date 3 girls, propose to them all and show proof.... and it`s not 3 girls of HIS choice but his friends.. they were pretty evil, they chose a super hot girl, a married lady and a girl that is opposite of him.

Watch the movie to see if Taylor beats the challenge. Watch what else happens to his feelings and see what happens...

Overall: I would rate this movie a 7/10. Even though this is an old movie- I actually didn`t think it was bad however the bet was pretty cruel.

<strong>Have you seen this movie before? What did you think of it?</strong>

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