Worst tv shows

4 years ago

The Man Show
As if the world needed any more proof that there are men out there with zero attention span unless it involves breasts, crude jokes and beer, this show was that proof. While intended as satire, most of its fan base apparently thought it was great entertainment. From girls leaping around on trampolines, to the infamous Juggy Dance Squad, nothing was out of bounds or too tasteless for the 5 seasons this show ran on Comedy Central.

The Real World
Take a group of self-absorbed 20-somethings, put them in a house where they have nothing to do except get on each others nerves and call it TV. The good side was the lack of bad scripts and bad acting. The bad side was the lack of any scripts and anything resembling talent.

Antique Roadshow
Ever since this show started, people on both sides of the pond have been convinced that their household hand-me-downs are the key to a comfortable retirement. Their mock surprise when they find out that that set of prints is allegedly worth 10 times what gramps paid for it back in 09 is hardly the stuff of great dramathe real fun will come when they try to sell it for what the appraisers claim its worth! eBay, anyone

For 12 years, scantily clad women trotted across the screen on this show that pandered to every adolescent boys daydreams. The shows main attraction was Pamela Andersonor rather one part of Andersons anatomy. As television drama goes, this show was all wet.

Joanie Loves Chachi
Ill admitI had a little bit of a crush on Scott Baio. Okay, more than a little. But even that couldnt help this plot-less spin-off from the wildly successful show Happy Days. Without The Fonz, Richie and the rest of the supporting cast, this show was doomed from day one.

Small Wonder
A diminutive robot in the shape of a 10-year-old girl. Asimov never anticipated this when he composed his Laws of Robotics even he would have condoned harming the human creators to end this disaster. No acting skills in sight, miserable dialog and an over-enthusiastic laugh track small wonder few of the cast members have been seen in TV since its three-year run. Ex-robot Tiffany Brissette was last reported working as a nurse in Colorado.

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