Worst smelling soap EVER

4 years ago

i`m the kind of person who washes her hands compulsively... i mean AT LEAST i do before every meal. especially after starting college and living in the dorms, which are very high density living areas, i`m always worried about germs and bacteria on my hands.

anywho, this is a bottle of bath & body works vanilla pistachio soap that i bought from the semi annual sale. it was 50-75% off (i don`t remember which) and i figured why not. i don`t know what i was on because whenever i buy something from B&BW i have to smell it but this time i didn`t. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!

this soap smells so foul! i don`t love pistachio so that might be why i wasn`t pleased with the scent of this, and i don`t even know what lapse of judgment caused me to purchase something pistachio scented. all i know is it smells absolutely horrendous, at least in my opinion.

only upside: now, when i wash my hands before dinner, i lose a bit of my appetite and i eat a little less, no joke! LOL

i`m almost done with this bottle. can`t wait to just use it up!

do you wash your hands before every meal? have you ever purchased a product with a scent you can`t stand?

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