Worst Pageant Mom

5 years ago

****This is not my Video****

So there is a show called Toddlers &Tiaras, showcasing the behind scenes drama of mostly young pageant girls.

First of all I do find this show entertaining, but I dont think its right to put their five year old in provocative outfits and dance moves like they do.

Also I am a competitive dancer, meaning I dance and compete kinda like the girls in pageants, but were never taught like this even at a young age. We dont have any kind of sexual moves or outfits, and we do great at our competitions. Also the competitions we go to everyone is fairly nice, plus were a small studio, and we never act this way and neither do most of the other studios. I also believe that not all of these pageants are like the ones they show on tv.

Although if I had a daughter I would think itd be cute to try out one pageant, but never big ones like these, but I dont think I could ever allow her to commit to pageants like I commit to dance.

Alright so Ive seen many of these episodes with many spoiled kids on this show, but for some reason this girl and her mom are just to much! When I watch this mother and daughter I am disgusted, surprised, angry, and for some reason happy because Im laughing at them!

Let me start off on what I think of this mom, this mom disgust me! And to me shes egotistical, dont get me wrong I am all for confidence but the way she talks just angers me to a high degree! If I met her in person I would not be able to talk to her at all! Also by the way her daughter acts shows you how bad of a parent she is.

Now her daughter is like what? Only five or six! Well shes going to be one crazy child! She has a huge ego this child! And when she said Honey-Boo-Boo in the episode I laughed the first time but the other time(s) she said it I just cringed! But I do have to say shes entreating and quite colourful!

One last thing, when they do that stomach thing dont you just want to laugh and barf! I know I do!

Disclaimer: This is all my opinions, I am not telling you what to think. Just simply what I think. But I have a voice and think I should be aloud to express it.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABzMAuI1vj0&feature=g-vrec&context=G25e2236RVAAAAAAAAAA

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