Worst mascara ever... (Revlon Doubletwist Mascara)


Okay, so today I kind of wanted to rant a bit. When it comes to mascara, I always use Lancome`s mascara because it`s honestly the best I have ever used in my life! So I usually stick to Lancome when it comes to makeup.

But recently, I ran out of my favorite Lancome Mascara, but I didn`t really have time to go out to Sears or the Bay (which is like a 15 minute drive from where I live), so I told my mom about this dilema.

She said she actually just picked up this mascara from Revlon that she realized she didn`t really need. Well since I was going out, I needed aquick fix so I decided to try out this mascara.

I thought to myself, "How bad can it be? Revlon is a decent drugstore brand, so I am sure if I use this a few times before I get my Lancome Mascara, I am sure it`ll be okay."

But boy, was I wrong! There were so many things wrong with this mascara, it was terrible! I had to literally re-do my makeup becaus the mascara was smuding everywhere! And that wasn`t the worst part. I decided to make a list...

1. terrible brush

2. bad application

3. smudges easily

4. bristles are too bulky and thick

5. very stiff

6. hard to work with

7. messes up the rest of my makeup

8. costs $10.00

9. very clumpy

10. horrible finish

So basically, this was a waste of money. Good thing I didn`t actually buy this myself, because Iwould have been more upset, but it pissed me off because I had to literally start from scratch again, so it was a pain.

I suggest you STAY AWAY from this mascara, and for that matter, any other Revlon mascara, because after talking to my friend about this mascara, she too also had some troubles with another type of Revlon mascara.

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Have you tried Revlon?
2. If so, did you have similar problems?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
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