Worst Breakfast Food?

4 years ago

Some of the worst breakfast foods to eat are bacon, doughnuts, and sugar cereals.
Bacon is a popular breakfast food that is usually served with eggs, quiche, pancakes or waffles. Bacon is especially dangerous to your health, in part because it contains high amounts of cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium. Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Excess dietary sodium may increase your blood pressure and risk for a stroke.
Many cereals contain refined grains that are sweetened with sugar. Although these cereals may taste good, they are high glycemic foods that can rapidly increase your blood sugar levels and soon lead to low blood sugar and more sugar cravings. Sugared cereals are especially dangerous and even life-threatening foods for diabetics.
Doughnuts contain refined grains with little fiber and added sugar, are usually fried in oil or with trans fats. The high calorie content of doughnuts can cause you to gain weight and the sugar content may turn to fat in your body. Trans fats are especially dangerous, and increase your risk of heart disease.

Source link: http://www.livestrong.com/article/363122-three-breakfast-foods-that-are-most-dangerous-to-your-health/

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