World`s Most Expensive Beauty Pageant Crown

5 years ago

Beauty pageant crowns sit atop the heads of some of the most beautiful women in the world. And so, while they will never be as beautiful as the person that wears it, they have to do what they can to compete. So its not really a surprise that the worlds most expensive beauty pageant crown includes diamonds and pearls, and has a truly princely price. And the person that wore it was one Miss Russia.

Before the world ever sees these beauties in the Miss World or Miss Universe Beauty Pageants, these stunning women must first compete with women of their own country to see who will represent them at these final competitions. Miss Russia has only been entering these pageants since 1993. But since that time, there have been two Miss Russias that claimed that title of Miss World and Miss Russia that claimed the title of Miss Universe.

It was the winner of the 2010 Miss Russia competition that wore the worlds most expensive beauty pageant crown. Irina Antonenko was the winner of the 2010 Miss Russia competition that took place in March 2010. The celebration was an extravagant one as Miss Antonenko came to claim her title and her crown, gold glitter confetti rained down upon her. But even with the spotlight on her, many were there to just see the crown that would be placed upon her head. And some wondered if talk of the crown itself actually trumped Antonenkos time in the spotlight. While that may seem absurd, when you hear what the crown consisted of, you can easily see why it gained so much interest.

The crown itself was very large, and completely covered the top of Irinas head. Given its sheer size, and the fact that the frame was constructed from white gold, you wonder how Irina didnt topple over wearing it. It was then decked out in 2,358 diamonds and 14 of the rarest pearls in the world. All of this made the crowns value over $1 million USD.

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