World`s Most Expensive Aircraft

5 years ago

Anyone who knows a little bit about history may not be surprised to hear that the most expensive aircraft was a product of the United States Department of Defense. It may also be no surprise to learn that the aircraft was designed to overtake Russian military.

The aircraft is a Northrop Grumman ATB or Advanced Technology Bomber and was called the B-2 Spirit. During the 1980s when the States and Russia were in deep war with each other the States were looking to find a way past Russias anti-aircraft devices. This bomber was meant to do just the trick.

However, the project had a few failings. It first had to be redesigned from a high-altitude machine to a low-altitude machine. This not only lengthened the project by two years but it also added $1 billion to the overall project. Figures for the value of the B-2 Spirit vary between $737 million and $2.2 billion but the most commonly quoted cost of the worlds most expensive aircraft is $1.3 billion. Youll have to find one first though. Because of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and because of the high cost, there were only a total of 21 of these bombers ever made!

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