World`s Comfiest iPod Dock

5 years ago

Play your music in style if you or a roommate hate the look and thought of having a large, blocky iPod dock taking up space on a counter. Sound Sofa helps give you extra shelf and desk space by offering you an iPod dock in the form of a comfortable sofa!

It looks like a regular sectional sofa, but it is hiding an actual sound system. There are two speakers AND a sub-woofer. There is a handy iPod dock for you to connect your iPod or iPhone to, so you can easily listen to your music. If you don`t own either of those, you can use the built-in SD slot or bluetooth wireless.

What does a sofa iPod dock go for these days? These babies run for $1700. Unfortunately it is only sold in England. Sorry about that! But if you are in England, pick one up! I think it`s a nifty idea.

It would be great for younger kids living on their own. I wouldn`t get this if I were older and had a family though because technology is always changing and growing. Plus, what if some electronic component of it breaks away, does that mean I have to buy a brand new couch just to use the iPod dock? No thanks. I have a $60 iPod dock that works just fine. Plus it doubles as a clock and radio. Hm... $60 dock, clock, and radio versus $1700 couch and dock. Yep.. I think I made my choice.
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