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2 years ago

I`ve always had a love for vinyl records and used to spend hours listening to my parents` when I was younger. I used to have my mom`s original record player in my room but when I moved to college and then eventually moved for my job, it got shuffled around and I no longer had one. Enter my boyfriend - the wonderful boy who saw my lack of record player and decided to remedy that for Christmas this year :)

My boyfriend has a record player of his own and we often listen to it when I visit him. We had been shopping in Urban Outfitters recently and I made a comment about admiring one of the record players they had. Lo and behold, he went out and bought it for me!

The record player is a Crosley brand vintage-style suitcase player. The bottom is a pastel green and the top of the player has a world map image, which fits the style of my apartment and bedroom perfectly! It has built-in speakers so there`s no need to get external ones like I had to do with my Mom`s old player. All you have to do it plug it in, turn it on, and begin a record!

One feature I`m a particular fan of it the needle release. There`s a lever that will `lift` the needle for you so you don`t scratch up the record. The needle also automatically returns to its resting point once the end of the record is reached. Neat!!

We tested the player with a Taking Back Sunday album I bought and then a Streetlight Manifesto album that my boyfriend bought. The sound is great and it`s just so nice to finally be able to play music through a record player again! Not to mention it looks great! ;)

Urban Outfitters has a great array of record players if you`re looking for one to play some old or new vinyl on. I`m so thankful for having received this one! :)

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