World Famous Liquors from Armenia

2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

Though I don`t drink alcohol myself, I recently brought back some from my trip to Armenia.

Armenia is known to produce some world famous alcoholic beverages, including wine, brandy and a fruit `vodka` called oghi.

Since there is a limit to the amount of liquor someone is allowed to bring back, I brought back 2 requests from my family.

The first, is a 7 year old aged brandy from Ararat Brandy company. They have a few different kinds of brandy based on different regions, and how long it has been aged. This 7 year old one is called Otborny. This company is the ancestor of the first ever wine and brandy factory in Armenia which was built in 1887.

I also brought home some apricot Oghi. Oghi is essentially a fruit `vodka` and is very popular to serve to guests. Apricot and Mulberry oghi are the most popular. This is actually really popular to make as `moonshine` since farmers use their fresh fruits to make the oghi. However, this year, there was lots of hail that damaged a lot of the fruit crops which meant most farmers didn`t have extra fruits to use for oghi. So instead of bringing back moonshine, like I normally do, I purchased a bottle from a brand called Artsakh. Artsakh is the Armenian name for the de facto independent state of Nagorno-Karabagh -it`s one of the most well-known areas for producing fruit oghi. Though my parents would have preferred the moonshine, I wasn`t able to find an experienced farmer and didn`t want to risk it (bad moonshine can be very dangerous).

All in all, my parents appreciated the liquor I was able to bring back.

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