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4 years ago

Want an extra incentive to go to the gym and to workout? I have mention before that motivation is important but it can be difficult to have sometimes and thinking of the results sometimes just isn`t enough.

So if you want an extra incentive to go to the gym how about money to get you motivated? I just found out about this service that will give you money to workout but take it away if you skip it, its called GymPact.

Its through an app that you install on your phone ( this post is not an app review btw) and once you get to the gym you check in on the app and you have to be there at least 30minutes to check out and get money. If you don`t do that you will lose money.

The amount of money you will lose or win will be dependent on your pledge of how many days and money you want to put into it, more days and more money the more you will make, but also the more you lose if you skip it.
You can also use it to run with runkeeper and that caught my interest but sometimes i just don`t feel like running and i wouldn`t like to lose money because of it.

I do like the concept but the minimum you can pledge is 5$ and 5$ for missing a session can be a bit to much. Still, the concept is very cool and a great way to motivate people to workout because no one wants to lose money.
I think its good if you struggle with motivation but you can try to just find other things to get motivated also, like inspiration pics, the health benefits, the good feeling after workouts, etc.

<strong>1- Would you sign up for a service like this? Would the fact that you lose money motivate you?
2- Do you struggle with motivation to workout? If so, what do you usually do?</strong>

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