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3 years ago

Working with small spaces is tough. It`s even tougher if the space is truly tiny. What I`m talking about is tinier than just a small apartment... I`m talking about a train compartment.

I have a number of friends who work with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and they live on a train that travels around the country. Everyone who works there has a room on the train and, while some of the `higher ups` have decently-sized rooms (we`re still talking really small, though, lol), a lot of people live in incredibly tiny rooms. Essentially, you open the door and have just enough room to side-step in and fall onto the bed, lol. My picture shows just how small the space truly is... the sink is RIGHT next to the bed! So the question is... how do you work with a space THAT small?

Fortunately, these rooms come with some cabinets and storage room, but even that is extremely minimal. Utilizing space efficiently is a MUST. There`s just no room otherwise, lol. So here are my tips for working with extremely tiny spaces like this:

Utilize Vertical Space
You have room near the ceiling? Awesome. Put up some cabinets or shelves. On the train, there`s some extra room up near the ceiling for some more shelving which would make storing extras like toiletries or food or cleaning supplies a bit easier. Another idea is to use hanging storage, like baskets. Kind of like hanging plants, but it`s a basket for your belongings!

Use The Space Under The Bed
Unless your bed sits directly on the floor, you probably have some space under there for things. Even if it`s very narrow, flat boxes would work. On the train, the beds convert from table space into beds to lie on. There is space available under the bed once it`s made, so I would keep storage boxes (even the milk crate kind) of things like clothes here (since there really isn`t much else room to keep clothes, lol). I college, a lot of people keep crates of food under their beds to save space. Same theory can work here, too!

Organize Counter Top Space
If you have space on top of a dresser or desk, keep it meticulously organized. On the train, no such luxury exists minus the counter top a foot across from the bed next to the sink. And this is a SMALL counter top space (the bigger train rooms do have more counter top space and storage space in general, but I`m just talking about the tiniest of rooms, lol). This means utilizing desk organizers or using baskets or storage bins to keep everything in a specific place.

Everything Needs A Home
Everything you have needs to have a `home` when you live in a very, very small space. Anything that`s `loose` can end up just taking up crucial space and creating clutter. Make sure everything belongs somewhere specifically, whether in a drawer, a cabinet, a basket, a shelf, etc. That way, you minimize mess!

Living in tiny spaces is tough. My friends on the train barely have enough room to even get dressed in their own rooms (many of them step out into the train hallway to get dressed! That`s how small it is, lol!!) By efficiently utilizing the space, though, you can maximize `free` space.

Feel free to comment with your own small space tips!

*Image is my own!*

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