Working out in HEELS?

LeAnn Rimes was seen at her neighborhood`s LA Fitness working out on the new exercising equipment. These photos weren`t just poses but she tried to work up a sport on the treadmill, cycling but imagine an accident waiting to happen and how hard it would be to walk with such high heels. This article got me thinking is there <em>any benefits</em> to walking or exercising with high heels?

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By wearing high heels often and doing squats/lunges-- it`ll make your legs more toned but there are dangers/accidents that could happen to.


There are High Heel Work Out Classes that do exist:
Rosalind Neilsen, a Flordia based workout instructor of the high heel work out teaches courses for 6 weeks to help you better firm your tush and create calf muscles. The program consist of 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes of trying on different types of heels and walking then 20 minutes you are wearing comfortable shoes.

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<strong>Did you know high heel workouts existed? Would you take high heel courses if the result was to get a firmer tush and create calf muscles? Do you do any high heel workouts yourself?</strong>

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