Work Those Abs!

5 years ago

Abs is probably one of the most "wanted" muscles and that people try to make reveal but its also a tricky part to develop and it can be hard , i know because i have given up so many ab workouts lol
But are you really taking advantage of the time you are spending working them or are a bit lost on what to do?!

Somethings i learn while researching is that the most popular ab exercise is the less effective one: crunches. People will go crazy with crunches and while they wont definitely do any harm, they won`t do much good. Focus on different types of exercises that work you core or that you have to engage you core to perform them, like a plank, that can be more effective than crunches.
Also, by doing different exercises you will be working different areas of your abs that just crunches wouldn`t work.
Other good thing is try to incorporate weights into ab exercises, lower weights will offer some resistance and a better exercise. Also regular weight lifting exercises can use core and that will help with abs.
One important thing in all fitness exercises is the diet part. Eat the best you(healthy choices) and cut back on salt so it won`t make you retain fluids and make the abs more difficult to show. If you cut sodas and all those types of foods even better for you overall health.

Get some different workouts and follow videos because those can be very helpful if you get kinda of lost. The source link of the picture is actually from an abs workout so you can check that out if you want or online/youtube you will find a lot of them.

<strong>Do you usually train or worry about your abs? Do you try to make healthier diet choices or you don`t stress it to much?</strong>

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