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4 years ago

A year ago, my guy friend (boyfriend`s best friend) came to pick me up from school because my boyfriend and his guy friends were heading to this recreational place to stay at! While I was in the car, the car was on a bumpy road thus, making my tummy JIGGLE!! My boyfriend laughed :( !!! SO MEAN! LOL
That time, I wasn`t really motivated to work out because heck, it wasn`t that big, it was just cause of the bumpy road... right? haha

<STRONG>BUT</STRONG> today... it changed my life ! After taking a shower, I realized that I had some major stomach blubber going on! I already knew i had some stomach fat but I didn`t know it was that intense haha!

After my classes, I went to the mall to grab some work-out clothing!

~<strong>My work-out outfit</strong>~

Black Beater by <em>Aritzia</em>
^This beater is quite long, it is almost as long as my shorts ! The fabric of the beater is quite nice though. Quite comfy too ! It could look good in skinny jeans, probably not leggings though... black on black haha . Not for me at least, can`t pull it off compared to others :(

Black Spandex Shorts by <em>Aritzia</em>
^These spandex shorts are very comfy and the tightness helps with working out. The tightness compresses the legs making your legs more comfortable to work out in and it doesn`t consume amounts of the sweat to the point where it feels like you have to carry on that amount of sweat while working out. For example, if you work out in sweat-pants and you are determined to work out very hard causing you to sweat a lot... that sweat will go onto the sweat-pants and those pair of sweat-pants can drag you on its own (due to the weight compared to spandex shorts) and with the sweat.


After getting those items, I headed home, ate, watched some television and headed to the gym !

<strong>What do you think of my work-out outfit of the day ?

Should I take pictures of the results ?! </strong>

take care
the picture above is mine*

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