Work Out in the Comfort of your SUV?!

There`s a one of a kind unique Cadillac Escalade out there that is decked out with an exercise bike, big screen TV, high tech security cameras, and many more features. I bet this particular customized SUV will cost more than a brand new apartment. Why on earth would one need this? Perhaps the passenger who is always the passenger is tired of wasting time especially on long trips and would rather be exercising. But if you`re exercising you`re most likely going to sweat so I wonder if there is some shower while you`re at it like a home on a wheels, lol.

Do you think this is a good idea? Being able to exercise in the comfort of your SUV/CAR?

Honestly this is unrealistic cause I can`t afford this. But I think it`d be a pretty cool idea to have an attachable bike pedal that you can add to your passenger seat for long trips so you can get some exercise in and so your legs won`t be numb BUT I am sure someone thought about that too but it can`t be done cause it won`t be safe especially if something bad like a car accident occurs. The pedals can trap your legs, Smack you in the face or whatever the case is that is why you have a truck in a car/truck/suv to store stuff.

Do you do any exercises while in the car? Especially on long drives?

I don`t but it`s actually interesting to see if anyone does?!

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