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I love jewelry, but at the same time I dont own too much of it. I have my reasons why, in between work and school, I really dont have heaps of time to spend wearing jewelry. Therefore, when I want to buy jewelry, I want to know that I am able to wear the pieces to work. I thought that I wanted to tell you guys about my jewelry, because if you wanted ideas on what to wear to work. So here is my list of jewelry.

Necklace: So honestly, I own a white gold and diamond key necklace that I never take off. I don`t own any necklaces, but within saying that, wearing a necklace to work adds a nice touch. Making sure that the necklace isnt too big, I think a necklace is nice.

Earrings: Studs!! One word, studs. Studs are making a huge come back and even though it sounds boring, there are lots of really nice designs. I own so many studs, anything from pearls, stones to more exciting things like disco balls, owls, bows or mustaches. There are about a million and one studs out there and what I love is that studs dont get in your way, yet are also visible to add a pop to your look.

Bracelets: On average, I dont usually wear bracelets to work, within saying that, I do think its looks nice. To wear maybe just one bracelet or bangle is really nice to add something, yet wont be too much to get in the way. Adding just something small, that wont get in the way of working is good.

Watches: My favorite!!! I say, any watch it appropriate for work. Really, my main rule is make sure its waterproof, thats it. I think watches, big, small; bling or plain are all great for work. Oh I love watches.

That is pretty much all the jewelry I own. I own lots of watches and studs, but not too many big earrings or bracelets.


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