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I have never really gotten into arm candy, but after seeing heaps of pictures of LUUUX, I think it looks so cool. Now I will be the first to admit, this arm candy isnt too great since I am only wearing a watch and bracelet, but I had to go to work, so I kinda like it for this occasion.

So for this, I was wearing one of my favourite blue Elite watches. I have had this watch for ages and bought it in a two for one sales, therefore I also got an orange one too. It is roughly 50m waterproof and the baby blue colour really pops and stands out agianst every outfit. The main thing I love about this watch is the rhinestones around the face, its looks so awesome.

For the bracelet, I am just wearings a sterling silver T-lock bracelet. I have had this watch for ages and the links of the bracelet are really chunky. This watch has been through a lot and since its so chunky hasn`t broken, but the chunkiness also makes it stand out a little bit more.

I will definetly be getting into arm candy more.


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