Word`s Most Controversial Zoo

4 years ago

If you are tired of the traditional zoo-going experience of just standing outside a fenced area and observing animals from afar, you can try out this place. This is Lujan Zoo and it is known as the world`s most controversial zoo. You can find it located on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires.

The controversy comes from the fact that you can get into the enclosures with the wild animals. You get up close and personal as you can see from the photos. You can even feed the grizzly bears grapes or ride on the backs of tigers.

Sounds insane, doesn`t it? You must be a real daredevil. But don`t worry. Since opening in 1994, the zookeepers swear there have been no accidents or any sort. That is a good thing to know.

To keep the animals tame around human visitors, no drugs are used. Instead, the animals were brought up with a lot of human interactions so that they would be used to it.

Not sure I would be brave enough to do anything like this, although I know it would make for an awesome photo. One of my cousins actually photographed with a tiger when he was in China and he had his arm around it any everything. It was awesome. It was a growing tiger cub though, so maybe it didn`t seem as threatening as a full grown tiger.

Source link: http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/welcome-to-the-worlds-craziest-most-controversial-zoo.html

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