Wooden Window Treatments: A Cheap and Easy Option For Every Home

4 years ago

Really easy to install and extremely cost-effective - http://www.wooden-blinds-direct.co.uk are a great option for any home. When it comes to installation, just equip yourself with the basic tools for any DIY job (screw driver, tape measure, hammer, etc) and youll be finished in no time. The job is already half completed for you in most cases, as you are often provided with all the essential bits and pieces like screws and other parts, as well as diagrams and instructions to lead you through the installation. This way, you dont have to spend unnecessary money on tradesmen. However, before installing new window treatments, its important to think about the uses and purposes of a room. For example, rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms will obviously generate more moisture than living rooms and bedrooms. As a result, wooden window treatments are likely to be the best choice as they offer more endurance when it comes to these conditions. Although they arent completely immune to wear and tear, they look good even when a little bit worn which means they wont need replacing any time soon. Additionally, to ensure they stay at the peak of their condition, regular care and maintenance is essential. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple task and shouldnt take too long and it can be as simple as a quick wipe of the slats without the use of any specific cleaning fluids. Each wood is different though, so its worth spending a few minutes doing your research to make sure there arent any specific manufacturers recommendations. There are so many different types of wooden blinds available on the market in this day and age, therefore a bit of research before going shopping will make your job a hell of a lot easier. Certain woods cost more than others, and suit different types of room. Bass wood, faux wood and bamboo are a few options available, all suited well to different windows and rooms. No matter which blinds you go for, you should be able to find something to suit not just your home, but your budget too.

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