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4 years ago

This is for people who buy or read women`s health magazine. The magazine has a fixed cost of £2 but is it really worth buying?.

The Women`s Health Magazine only seems to have fit and glamoerous women so is it really possible to get the perfect body?.

Many people have tried to get the perfect body but have never achieved it due to the fact the test did not work so why would you try it if it`s a failure i don`t know i would not recommneed Women`s Health Magazine to anyone so please consider when buying it thank you.

Women`s Health Magazine: http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/subs?OVMTC=Exact&site=&creative=19185126647&OVKEY=women`s%20health&adpos=1t1&gclid=CMCi1NTW0bYCFTIQtAodOWsAEQ
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