Without Straightening Formaldehyde

I bring a smoothing technique that is booming in the halls ... there is the thioglycolate AMMONIA is an asset obtained by chemical reaction between thioglycolic acid and ammonia. It acts in the cortex, breaking the chains that comprise the cystine hair fiber, leaving the soft wire, to be shaped as desired. It has an alkaline pH around 9 and requires neutralization, usually done with hydrogen peroxide.

The application of this asset is indicated for soft straightening or permanent straightening (a procedure in which hair gets flat iron before neutralization) which results in extremely smooth and aligned threads.
The process is suitable for those with bulky or curly hair, the substance that allows the wires are straight, but without losing the movement, giving a more natural effect. The smoothing with thioglycolate have permanent effect (not to wash out) and retouching is done only in the root as it grows.
The ammonium thioglycolate is also scored top marks for women who have curls, but do not want to leave the locks completely drained, because according to the technique used by professional, can reduce the volume without breaking waves.
Actually, the secret is in the process of brushing, it`s going to mold the wire, leaving it smoother or just reducing the volume. The thioglycolate Ammonia is sold under several different trade names, keep an eye on the label and formulation. Another thing, always look for a professional to perform the technique, never try at home alone, the result can be disastrous.

The professional products generally give better results, since in their formulation lead active treatment to replace the protein lost in the wire processing.
The ammonium thioglycolate is also the only smoothing which can be compatible with the ammonia-based dyes, but this will depend on the health of the wires, checked by the test swab.
Bearing in mind that the ammonium thioglycolate is IMCOMPATÍVELcom smoothing the sodium base or guanidine, this means that those who use a base can never use another. Upon processed wire is not used another active than the previously used.

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