Withdraw money via PALM (Biometric ATM)

The first biometric ATM is coming to Japan this September. The point of introducing a biometric ATM is to make it more convenient to retrieve your cash (especially during a natural disaster). Of course you have to activate the option to retrieve your cash via hand swipe but if you don`t want to, you could also use the old fashion way and use your bank card.

Would you want to swipe your money with a hand swipe?
Do you already use some sort of biometric technology?

I don`t think swiping with your hand is a good idea to get money out of the bank because your hands may be a target for "robbers". They might cut off your hands if they know you`re rich or something (which is pretty creepy).

And at the local hospital I go to, we use biometric hand prints to check in so they don`t have to ask us our name/address/social security every time which is more convenient because the people in the waiting area can`t hear you. The downside is that machine has a lot of germs cause a lot of hands touch the device.

Article via http://gizmodo.com/5901235/biometric-atm-reads-palms-not-debit-cards
Photo via http://www.gsmsecure.com/palm%20reader.htm

Source link: http://www.gsmsecure.com/palm%20reader.htm

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